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High School Admissions 101

11/2/2015 - 6:30pm


For parents of PreK - 7th grade students!

In many ways, today's competitive high school admissions process is no different than the college process. Independent schools, Catholic schools and competitive public schools all have different requirements, testing, portfolios, interviews and other rules of the road that aren't written in their promotional materials. But we are here to help.

Meet our experts and learn about…
• the one mistake even savvy parents make when applying to competitive schools.
• how private top-tier schools are much more affordable than you think.
• why the best high school is not necessarily the school around the corner.

Join Nancy Rossi, director of high school placement at Stevens Cooperative School, as well as school academic leaders, alumni and alumni parents for an evening that is sure to enlighten. Whether your child is just entering Kindergarten or you are well into thinking about your high schools you will come away with advice that will make you feel more confident in the process and more secure in your ultimate choice. Please RSVP to Questions? Call 201.626.4020, ext 406.