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Pets at Newport


Pets at Newport

Finding a home that you love means finding a home that your pets will love too. Pets are loyal additions to our families that deserve the same comfort and luxury that we do. 

Newport is a pet loving community that truly welcomes all four-legged pets. The community brings pet-friendly to the next level and is filled with more green outdoor space than any city pup could dream of. Four acres of green scenery surround the Newport community, ensuring that pets have the outside space that they need while living in the middle of the bustling metropolitan.

Here at Newport, we love having social community events that bring friends and neighbors together. Of course, we don’t want to exclude our pets, which is why we have our very own off-leash dog run. This is a place where pups can run free and wild while playing and meeting other dogs. The well-kept dog run features state-of-the-art equipment and is exclusive to Newport residents and pups.

All of our apartment buildings are pet-friendly and accommodate to pets, ensuring that you and your furry companion will feel right at home with us.