Art at Newport

The thriving arts scene of Jersey City is on full display here at Newport. Invested in supporting local artists and creators, a collection of original pieces can be spotted throughout the Newport community. From lobby installations to public works of art, Newport recognizes the great importance of incorporating captivating new artwork throughout these shared spaces. The architecture of Newport is shaped by this artistic aesthetic as well, with an intention to produce lasting impressions with its breathtaking effects.     

Water's Soul, Jaume Plensa (2020)

The newest addition to the walkway is Water’s Soul by world renowned artist Jaume Plensa. Dedicated in October 21, 2021, the sculpture stands approximately 80 feet tall and is positioned on a newly redeveloped, historic Hudson River waterfront pier. Learn more at

The Ellipse lobby features a stunning, one-of-a-kind preserved moss work by award-winning botanical design firm Plant the Future. The wall-spanning mural, entitled “Sailing on the Hudson,” is a collaboration by artists Paloma Teppa and Andrew Antonaccio created together under the banner “2alas.” Envisioned from Newport’s Jersey City perspective, the piece depicts an abstract interpretation of a sailor and sailboat against a city skyline backdrop.  

Spectacular local artwork abounds at The Beach. Looking to highlight the diversity of area talent, artist Anthony Boone’s work was the winning selection of Newport’s spring 2021 call for artist submissions. A 28-year Conrail freight conductor, Boone’s “Mixed Media” piece serves as both design focal point of The Beach lobby and a fitting tribute to Newport’s own connection to Jersey City’s rail history.  


In addition to Anthony Boone’s first-floor lobby creation, The Beach showcases other works from Jersey City artists throughout the building. These pieces include: “DataSets” by Shuli Sade, 1st floor elevator lobby; “Sea See” by Shantell Martin, 5th floor activity room; “Fall Into Fantasy,” by Bryant Small, 6th floor lounge; and “Malachite” by Britt Ford, 6th floor co-work room.          

Hosted by Mana Public Arts and the Jersey City Mural Arts Program, the Hamilton Park Underpass received a lively refresh as part of the June 2021 Jersey City Mural Festival. Featuring a series of murals that capture the creative energy of the city, the contributors include American Contemporary artist Ron English and notable New York muralist and creator Queen Andrea.     

A local arts studio geared towards nurturing artistic creativity in children. VIBGYOR recognizes artistic expression as a natural human behavior, and offers classes intended to inspire young artists. Children can learn the fundamental concepts of drawing, color, and form while also expanding capabilities and experimenting with varied mediums.