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6 Tips for a Healthy Kitchen

Jan 18, 2021

The start of a new year is a great time to set new habits for a healthier lifestyle! If eating better is part of the plan, making smart diet choices that support the body’s needs can begin right at home. This week, we’ve got 6 tips for organizing your kitchen to support nutritious and healthy eating. Read ahead to learn more!

Get a Fresh Start 

Swapping out expired condiments, spices, or rarely used items is a good way to begin prepping your kitchen for its new overhaul. Toss out any items past the date of safe use, but consider donating unopened, non-expired products to a local food bank like The Sharing Place. This clears space for goods and products that will be used regularly, while helping to eliminate waste and provide for others in the process.


Time for a Deep Clean 

Now that unnecessary items have been eliminated, make smart use of Newport’s ample kitchen space by doing a fridge deep clean. Martha Stewart recommends a top-to-bottom, inside-out scrub down about twice a year, beginning with removing all the food and wiping down the entire interior. Be sure to take out shelves and drawers and clean with a solution that’s two tablespoons baking soda and one quart hot water. Check here for more fridge cleaning tips and tricks.


Stock up on Healthy Choices 

Filling the kitchen with fresh produce and other staples is a great way to encourage nutritious eating habits. At Newport, shopping for delicious, healthy, and sustainably-sourced foods is super easy and convenient. Consider joining a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) project like Jersey City’s own Downtown Harvest. In the warmer months, JC is also home to many exceptional farmers markets, like the popular Historic Downtown JC Farmers Market, open from May through December.


Put Nutrition First    

Find yourself reaching for the salty snacks and sweet treats even with plenty of other more beneficial options around? Try moving healthy foods so they are featured prominently, at eye-level and within easy reach, inside the fridge and cabinets. Using clear containers to store foods can also help make nutritious options more immediately visible. Blogger The Rustic Dietician suggests keeping fruit or nuts out on the counter to make grabbing a healthy snack, and staying away from more processed alternatives, quick and effortless.


Organize Food Mindfully

In addition to making healthy food options readily accessible, organizing the fridge and cabinets by category can help make meal planning even more efficient. Try placing similar food groups together to make it simple to create well-balanced meals every time. Eating Well suggests that organizing spices and other ingredients by “theme” can also help inspire meal planning.


Get Kiddos Involved

Want to ensure children are making healthy food choices as well? Get the kiddos involved in shopping for foods and teach them how to make nutritious choices too! Clearing a designated space for kids within the fridge and cabinets can be a good way to encourage responsibility and healthy habits from a young age.


To get your grocery list started, check out this guide to stocking a nutritious kitchen. From all of us at Newport, we hope these tips inspire your healthiest year yet!