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Enjoying Your Time at Home

Mar 26, 2020

Being asked to slow down and hunker home for a bit can feel like such a challenge in our fast-paced world. Fortunately, there are so many great ways to enjoy this time at Newport - whether it’s revisiting a hobby, learning a new skill, or getting quality time in with your family or roommates! Read ahead for some fun indoor crafts and activities that are sure to keep you entertained.  

Games & Puzzles:

In this digital age, maybe it’s been awhile since you gathered the family around a classic game of Monopoly. Pulling out a board game or even a deck of cards is a simple, but timeless, way to make some new memories. Puzzles are another great option that never go out of style! 

Experimenting With New Recipes: 

Now’s the perfect time to attempt that recipe you’ve been meaning to try. Maybe you’re a skilled cook who wants to expand their repertoire. Or, a novice who just recently perfected the grilled cheese. Either way, cooking from your beautiful kitchen at home is a delicious way to expand your skills! Find some great recipe options here.   

Stream & Sip:  

Spending a little more time on the couch means finally getting to catch up on all that great TV we never seem to have time for. Vulture has a continuously updated list of the 100 Best TV Shows on Netflix, as well as the 100 Best Movies on Netflix. While you watch, sip a little of your favorite wine-- this NY Times article says it’s ok when done responsibly. 

DIY Chalkboard Art: 

Suffering from Pinterest chalkboard envy? Creating your own chalkboard signs and lettering is actually super easy! Buy a chalkboard and cover the surface area with chalk. Next, find a printable design online, tape it to the chalkboard with masking tape, and fully trace the artwork onto your chalkboard. Remove the paper and re-trace the design with a chalk pen. Let it dry and voila! Check out this helpful video tutorial for more info.

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Photo credit: Instagram user alittlechalkonthetable 

At-Home Workout: 

Feeling a little cooped up inside? Try finding a free online workout that you can do from home-- PopSugar Fitness has a YouTube channel with lots to try and many fitness studios are offering live streaming class options right now. Then roll out the yoga mat and kick those cabin fever blues to the curb. Don’t have all the equipment in the video? No problem! Try a filled water bottle as a small weight or paper plates as gliders.    

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At the end of the day, this is the perfect opportunity to slow things down and take care of you. Treat yourself to an at-home spa day. Open your windows for a bit of fresh air and enjoy the beautiful views. Then, cozy up on the couch with a good book. During this time, the Newport team is here for you. Be sure to check your email for any updates in the coming weeks.