purple loosestrife

Nature Abounds at Newport

Aug 5, 2020

Living in Jersey City, it’s easy to get wrapped up in the bustle of our community and forget that proximity to nature is just outside our door. Here at Newport we are lucky to be surrounded by a wealth of plants and animals indigenous to our region. Let us guide you through some of the local flora and fauna so you can begin appreciating all the beauty to be found right here in our neighborhood: 

Eastern Grey Squirrels

During the summer months, Eastern Grey Squirrels can be spotted throughout the Newport community’s many outdoor spaces. The furry little animals give birth in the early spring and summer, so now is the perfect time to see new baby squirrels running around. Though it may be tempting to feed the cute little guys, please refrain from doing so, as it could be harmful to both you and them to do so. 


Flowering Plants

A visit to any one of Newport’s many neighboring parks provides a diverse range of flowering plants local to our area to feast your eyes upon. At the Jersey City Reservoir, see vibrant purple loosestrife blooming throughout the summer. The herbaceous perennial plant can be found in striking purple and magenta hues.


Daisies & Tulips

As the weather gets warmer, the Newport Waterfront becomes awash in a sea of daisies and tulips. Both perennials, the flowers’ yearly re-emergence is a hopeful symbol of sunnier days ahead. The tulips bloom in a variety of yellows, oranges, and pinks, brightening the path along the Hudson River.



New Jersey Audubon is a helpful resource for anyone wishing to explore birding through bird walks, field trips, or workshops. Their website provides information on the best areas throughout New Jersey to spot the many species of birds populating the region. From ospreys to sparrows, their tools will help with identifying and learning more about the various species’ lifestyles and migration habits.


Sea Life

Newport is located within close range of the Hudson River Estuary, a biologically diverse habitat for hundreds of aquatic species. Just south of Newport at Liberty State Park, it is common to find striped bass and winter flounder, as well as blue claw crabs. Fishing and crabbing in Liberty State Park is permitted, in accordance with New Jersey’s Fish and Wildlife guidelines.


We hope you enjoy exploring the abundance of wildlife to be found right here, in and around Newport. Remember to enjoy responsibly and share your discoveries with us by tagging us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter