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The Best Cozy Apartment Fixes

Nov 1, 2020

As we move into chillier weather, there’s a good chance we’ll be spending a bit more time inside here at Newport. If you’re feeling a little bummed about this, think of it as the perfect opportunity for making our apartments as snug and comfortable as can be. We’ve gathered together a few great ideas for making home the ideal space to enjoy being inside. So grab a mug of something warm and hunker down to read about our five best cozy apartment fixes!

Candles Galore  

For creating a pleasant, inviting atmosphere on a dime, filling your home with candles is a simple solution with big results. Buzzfeed suggests gathering a bunch of unscented candles together for a mini fireplace effect. Or, pamper yourself by splurging on a fancy luxury candle, like this popular one from Diptyque. Just don’t forget to blow them all out before bedtime and keep them out of range if you have little ones around.

Add Comfy Rugs

Nobody wants to walk around on cold floors as the days get brisker. Adding some area rugs can help add immediate warmth to your space--and they come with the added bonus of being neighbor-friendly for us apartment dwellers looking to absorb noise. Apartment Therapy recommends layering rugs for a comfortable and homey effect.


Invest in Plant Life 

If we've discovered one thing from months spent in quarantine, it's that a little greenery can go a long way. Bringing a plant into your home can instantly change the mood of your space. Worried about your lack of a green thumb? Start small with even just one leaf from the outdoors--it will look great in a pretty vase. Succulents are also relatively low maintenance and make for good starter plants.


Swap in Cozy Lighting Options

In addition to peppering your home with candles, purchasing lamps as an alternative to overhead lighting can be a great way to shift the mood of your place. Having several small lamps scattered throughout can make it easier to adjust the atmosphere of the room, and will make your apartment feel more cozy than the harsher effects of direct lighting. You can even try hiding a lamp in a bookcase if you’re short on space.


Hang Artwork

While keeping walls bare can appeal to a minimalistic aesthetic, adding some artwork will instantly make an apartment feel more welcoming and lived in. If it seems intimidating to map out a whole gallery wall, try starting small. House Beautiful suggests keeping a specific theme in mind to help keep your approach on track. Hanging photos of friends and family can also be a nice way to bring loved ones into your home even when they may feel distant.


We hope these ideas help inspire you to transform your apartment into the ideal space for the colder months ahead. Show us how you’re getting cozy by tagging us at #YourNewport!