Training Your Dog at Newport, Jersey City

Nov 14, 2022

We love our residents, including the furry ones. Newport luxury apartments in Jersey City, NJ, offer four off-leash dog runs. This pet-friendly community features state-of-the-art equipment. You can find them throughout our community along the waterfront walkway.

Speaking of community, Newport Rentals hosts pet-friendly events and contests all year round. Check our schedule, and don't miss out on great opportunities to mingle and show off what your good boy has learned.

Not all dogs are the same. Maybe yours is very social and pulls you on the leash toward other pups. Or your dog might lunge and bark in fear of other dogs. Or perhaps your dog has difficulty being obedient while playing with the pack. Don't worry. We have a few exercises to help your pup feel more comfortable and respond in social situations.

Practicing U-Turns Away from Dogs

Sometimes you'll need to be able to walk away from other dogs to avoid many situations. Walk towards the dog park. Use a cue to ask the dog to flip around to follow you ("let's go") and turn back. Avoid yanking the leash. We want them to take the cue and respond to your body language. Reward your pup for turning away.

The Cookie Toss Game

It looks simple, but this game helps your dog choose to engage with you instead of other distractions. Yell "fetch" and toss a treat for the pup to chase. After that, they will look back at you, wondering if there are more. As soon as they turn back, say "fetch" and toss a treat to another place for them to chase. Repeat the pattern.

This helps your dog choose you over distractions like other dogs in the park. You reward their attention with a treat for them, and most pups love chasing pleasures! The straightforward exercise helps them choose to engage with you because of familiarity.

Call Away Your Dog

Your dog knowing the word "come" doesn't always mean they'll answer the call. Here's how cookie tossing can work for more than one purpose.

Say "fetch" and toss a treat towards the dog run. After your dog eats it, tell them to "come" or whatever cue you are using before they turn around.

Love & Common Sense Go a Long Way

Recognize your pup's needs before bringing them into a crowded dog run. This might be a lot to handle for them. Using our dog parks at emptier times goes a long way. In the meantime, you should play more and take more walks with your furry friend.

Newport Pet-Friendly Rentals in New Jersey

Contact us and ask for the available floor plans at Newport. Our luxury pet-friendly apartments have the resort-style amenities you deserve.