Health & Fitness

The Fit Lifestyle at Newport Luxury Apartments in New Jersey

Jul 28, 2022

Staying healthy and fit in today's busy world isn't very easy. Even when you have time to work out regularly, you must factor in what it takes to get to the gym.

Newport offers state-of-the-art fitness installations at a discount price for our residents. Our on-site fitness center provides top-of-the-line cardio and free-weight equipment. Your routines will be smooth, effective, and convenient. The installations also feature a five-lane indoor swimming pool with a lifeguard, a private tennis court, and a soccer field.

Convenience & Fitness at Your New Home

Staying fit is a breeze when moving into our luxury apartments. These tips will help our residents make the most of our exercise and sports facilities. Stay in top shape the easy way at Newport!

Cardio & Free Weight Routines

We have state-of-the-art cardio equipment, including ellipticals and treadmills. Complement your daily routine with our free weight equipment and strengthen those muscles and bones.

Wondering how to get started? Begin your routine by stretching and warming up for 10 minutes. Next, jump on the cardio machine of your choice for 20 to 35 minutes. When you get sweaty, it's time to use the free-weight equipment. Bicep curls, over-shoulder presses, and single-arm dumbbell sets will fortify your arms—ten reps each in three groups (30 total of these exercises). Also, remember to rest between sets!

Fun Outdoor Sports at Newport, Jersey City

If hitting the gym at home isn't your thing, how about team sports! Get your friends or neighbors to play a friendly soccer match and get some fresh air. Your kids can also join the fun with our summer soccer training sessions.

If you like tennis, snag a partner and practice your serve. We offer different classes for all ages. Please find out more about our tennis training programs here.

If you crave some tranquility, feel free to take your mat to the park, get some focus, and practice yoga or tai chi. There's something here for every taste!

Stay Cool by Working Out in the Pool

Newport's fitness facilities also feature a five-lane swimming pool. Safeguard included.

Swimming makes a great cardio routine. Burn calories by doing some laps, or you can splash around with your friends for fun. Want to freshen up from the gym routine? Dive into the swimming pool and cool down. You can also add water aerobics to your exercise schedule to get a low-impact cardio routine. Even treading water on its own improves your mobility and builds muscle.

Newport Rentals in Jersey City, NJ, offers different options for our residents to exercise conveniently. Work out with state-of-the-art equipment or play sports outdoors. We provide a convenient spot, you decide how to achieve your fitness goals.

Contact us today and check out our available units! Discover the convenience and luxury Newport has in store for you.