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Solution for the Picky Eaters in Town

Nov 21, 2016

Solution for the Picky Eaters in Town

Anyone who has ever hosted family members and out-of-towners with strict dietary restrictions for the weekend knows the difficulty of feeding picky eaters.

Whether it is the paleo cousin that spent all Thanksgiving talking about her new CrossFit obsession, the newly turned vegetarian brother, or the 13-year-old niece that doesn’t eat anything green or orange, cooking for picky family members is difficult.

Sometimes the easiest thing is just going out to eat and letting the chefs take on the role. The cozy modern-American grill Fire & Oak, located in the Westin Luxury Hotel, has specialized vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free menus. The restaurant places an importance on catering to customers with dietary restrictions while maintaining quality and an impressive selection of entrees.

Click here to view menus. There’s no reason to let picky guests stress you out this holiday season.

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