Set Up Your Home Office at Newport Rentals, NJ

If you'd like to work from home, you're not alone. A recent McKinsey and Company report found that nearly one-third of workers would like to work full-time from home. Jersey City, New Jersey, a charming community just south of Hoboken, has many workers from the Big Apple setting up their home workspaces there.

An adequately designed work-from-home setup maximizes your productivity. Pay special attention to noise, lighting, ergonomics, and Wi-Fi connection.

Noise Reduction Is Key

Noise can be distracting. Barking dogs, loud children, and your neighbor's gaming may need to be considered when choosing the proper room for your home workspace.

Strategic furniture placement reduces noise transmission. For example, if noise is coming through a shared wall, place vertical furniture pieces like bookcases or storage cabinets against that wall.

Furnishings can also dampen noise. For example, if you have hardwood or ceramic floors, cover them with area rugs or carpeting.

Light It Up

Good workspace lighting is essential. Poor lighting saps your energy and causes eyestrain and headaches. On the other hand, good lighting, especially natural lighting, energizes and boosts morale. Newport's pet-friendly units were designed to let in as much natural light as possible and display a beautiful view through its oversized windows.

You will need to supplement this with ambient and task lighting. Use ambient lighting to provide the overall lighting for the room—many options suit your needs; ceiling-mounted lighting or floor lamp torchieres and wall sconces. Use task lighting, or localized lighting, to target areas of your home workspace where specific tasks, like paperwork, must be done.

Make It Comfortable

Good ergonomic practices in your home office will reduce your risk of ergonomic injuries, such as tendonitis and carpal tunnel syndrome.

The most crucial piece of furniture in your home office is your chair. A good office chair has the following features:

  • A seat that can be raised and lowered easily.
  • Adjustable lumbar support.
  • Comfortable seat materials.
  • Adjustable armrests.
  • The ability to swivel.

The second most important piece of furniture in your home office is your keyboard tray. A keyboard tray is located several inches below the desk surface and helps prevent arm and shoulder muscle strains by keeping your elbows at 90 degrees and your wrists flat.

Optimize Your Wi-Fi

The signal strength of your Wi-Fi router degrades with distance. Locate your router as close as possible to your computer to get the strongest signal. Adequate signal strength is essential if you attend virtual meetings frequently.

When Your Workday Is Done

Imagine working from home in one of the luxury apartments at Newport in Jersey City. You can look forward to an invigorating workout at the fitness center when your workday is over or meet your friends for drinks at rooftop decks and resident lounges.